Master in Branding

Matrix Prime provide solutions to FMCG companies and manufacturers having multiple branches and departments, we get-in when you need the followings:

Maximizing your distribution (geographically and volume),


Increase your products visibility

Upgrade your solutions software


Increase your sales-revenues 

Whether your company specialized in food or non-food processing or distribution; we are able and capable in delivering simplified, workable and customized 3PL and 4PL tailored made to your actual needs as per your market culture and consumer’s behaviors,

We manager your own locations and provide hands-on training to up-lift your employee’s skills to be more productive and empowered enough to collect, organize, share, and deliver the results that you are after,


We can connect all your departments into one integrated source of data on which you can rely on to plan your future market share, price positioning, competitions, R&D developments and best use of manpower

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